Structural Steel Detailing

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Structural Steel Detailing

Steel Detailing services are done at our location and we provide all required drawings for a complete set of erection and fabrication details including, but not limited to, material lists, bolt lists, bill of material list, etc.

We will use our standard AISC connections if you cannot supply your own standards. Drawings will be sent electronically in PDF format. DWG files are sent only upon request. If you require hard copies, we can supply them at an additional cost.

Before beginning any project, we will provide you with a proposal and estimated time of delivery.

On-Site Visits

We can provide job site & office visits as needed at an hourly rate. (Field dimensions, meetings, coordination, etc.)

Hourly rates vary depending on the type service requested. Other additional expenses such as travel, tolls, lodging and other incidental expenses may be added to the contract as additional fees.

We will be happy to speak with and propose a contract that best suits your needs.